Top 7 Tips And Tricks To Conduct Market Research

What is Market? Well, in the most basic sense we could say that it’s a place where regular gathering of people takes place for the sales and purchase of the provisions and other necessary commodities. ‘Market’ came into existence from the time Humans begun to settle down and it would exist as long as they are engaged in Trade. It is believed that the earliest markets originated in Persia from where they spread across Middle East and Europe. Thus we could see the terms ‘Market’ and ‘Marketing’ getting flourished since the decades.

Let’s take a case if you are planning to start a new business this year, the most tedious job for you to manage is the marketing of your brand. ‘Marketing’ in business is an important term as it tells you about what you are and what you do. Marketing for your brand helps you to create a link with your audience and showcase your product to the whole world. There are various aspects of the marketing world but today we are going to see about Market Research.

‘Market Research’ is the need of the market if you want to keep up with the latest market trends and gain a competitive edge in your business. Market research is one of the main factors used in maintaining competitiveness over competitors. So if you need your company to grow exponentially you would be needing a market research company to help with or else you do the work yourself. However, research isn’t actually as easy as it seems a researcher requires to find information about markets, target markets and their needs, competitors, market trends, customer satisfaction with products and services, etc. A good researcher must be open towards new ideas, open-minded and ambitious.

Well, we can help you with this, today we will show you some important tips and tricks with which you can become a Good Researcher. Let’s start with the common problems faced in a market research company.

Here are 3 most important problems faced by a researcher in the Market Research Industry

[I] Impactful reporting: The ability to provide or receive consultative reports, to tell a cohesive story and account for all the pieces of the puzzle in the client’s world.

[II] Technology Usage: Introduction to technology, it’s use and reliability to answer business questions in more efficient and creative ways.

[III] Data Management: How businesses gather, handle and integrate the vast amounts of data from both primary and alternative research resources to make sense of all the data points.

To overcome such problems you need to follow these 7 techniques listed below to surpass the research in the market research industry.

1. Know Your Aim

Why are you doing in Market Research? It’s important to know your objective before you are performing any research into your market. It depends on whether you are doing research, to scope out the trends and to know which products will be popular next year or else to see how well your competitors are doing and how successful they are. Whatever is the reason for the research your aim must be predefined.

2. Know Your Audience

One of the most important rules of marketing effectively is that you need to know who your target audience is! and what they want! This is where market research comes in, and you can use your research to find out exactly who your audience is and how you can best reach them with your products and services.

3. Methodology

56% of respondents mentioned the methodologies of market research as one of the biggest challenges they face. This is because the data is clunky, messy and full of garbage. Using social media for data collection and analysis is a labour-intensive process.The researchers need to be skilled at teasing out the useful information and making decisions based on that information.

4. Seek for Suggestions

If you want to be sure you are in the loop with your clients, you should ask them for some suggestions whenever they buy from you. The questions asked may vary like to know about the quality of the reports or the colour they like or something else entirely. It’s always good to know the ideas and choices of your audience. You can use this information to customize your marketing further.

5. Make a Spreadsheet

If you want to track the changes in your market over time, the best thing you can do is use your data and create a spreadsheet to show trends in behaviour. Having something like this will allow you to build patterns for your customers and sometimes even will allow you to predict what they will do next.

6. Know the Trends

Trends are always something you want to keep an eye on as a business, no matter what field you work with. Working to trends can be a wonderful way to gain recognition and build a loyal audience who wants to engage with you. Using hashtags and trending posts on social media network is a great idea and sharing content in a line with these things can bring you a lot of exposure for your business.

7. Stand-Out in a Crowd

We can see how rapidly and dramatically the competition is rising day by day. Biggest problems we face are trying to differentiate our-self from the sea of competitors. The researcher must show a unique value and novel contribution in his approach to Market Research. As, market researchers are concerned about becoming “just another seat at the table”.

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