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We give all our customers an extensive range of services – from online research to mobile research and social panels exceeding 10 million+ globally. Also, we do provide Data collection, survey programming, data delivery, charting and info graphics

Our Services

We provide our customers unique solutions and help them to reach out to 10 million+ consumer and business audience. Every respondent has a different thought which is most valuable to all the researchers, agencies and brands.

  • Online/Offline Surveys.
  • CATI Processes
  • Mobile Surveys
  • Trackers.
  • Adhoc Processes

We are leader in providing emerging technology solutions and sample solutions globally. We have immense experience in various technologies and practices in market research industry.

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Online Surveys

We are one of the largest online sample provider and purchaser. We have specialists who have 8+ years of experience in online market research. Our focus is to provide online market research surveys and online sample in emerging markets. We have over 10 million+ consumer and business audience across global. 50+ projects on monthly basis in different verticals – IT, Finance, Telecommunication, Automotive, FMCG, Construction, Manufacturing, Retail, Banking, Health care, Pharmaceuticals, Travel and Mobile. We have developed strong specialist panels in both B2B & B2C category and in various sectors such as IT and healthcare. We also have partners who help us to reach over 10+ millions of respondents across 65 countries. Our research technologies make our way easy to reach these audience/end users from different verticals. This will help us to deliver accuracy and response unmatched in the industry.
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CATI Processes

CATI – We have our reach in 20+ markets globally in English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other Asian languages. Every year we conduct more than 30,000 interviews in different languages. We have a strong sample presence and reach in Asian and European markets. We ensure to provide high quality results to our customers as we monitor every interview we complete. Rigorous effort by the team in monitoring the interview calls and running quality checks for both voice and data. Our team is specialized in conducting CATI interviews in local markets, they understand your needs and work on the scripts to get accurate response as per your requirement.
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IT Services

Being expertize in Market Research and related services we have also developed our in-house team of experienced developers. So we are now providing our clients various IT Services and develop solutions related to Market Research.

  • Panel Management Software
  • Market Research Project Management Tool
  • API Integration
  • CATI/Panel Database Management Application

Our in-house team of developers enables us to provide customized IT solutions to our client.

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Other Services

Offline – We do a have little bit of experience in managing pen and paper, or PAPI studies, in APAC region. We have certified network of local partners in various markets who help us with offline studies and provide high quality assurance processes to our customers.
Mobile – We have access to mobile sample globally. We always give option to our customers both PC sample and mobile sample. Mobile surveys to help brands and their agencies measure marketing effectiveness and consumer interactions. Over 5 million people in 10+ countries have taken an On-Device Research mobile survey. Our focus is to provide online market research surveys and mobile sample in emerging markets.
Tracker study – We have worked in many tracker studies in the past for our different clients. We have worked on brand tracker, BSM, IT, Consumer etc. We have a rich experience in tracker studies and have unique respondents to participate in each tracker.
Ad-hoc studies – Ad-hoc studies which we have worked on has helped our clients to develop the specific products to fulfil their specific business requirements.

Excellent Support

We have a dedicated team of experienced employees to support our clients to give best support. We are uniquely positioned to be your one stop solution for all your research projects. We ensure to get our customers the right kind of audience they would like to reach. This is possible as we are very passionate about our technology solutions we provide which gives great and some satisfactory results to our clients.
We talk and understand the need of our customer and the objective of the study. We suggest the client about the suitable respondents based on the study objective and help the client to reach these audience through different solutions we provide. We always ensure to keep ourselves updated with all the new technology and the various industry.

   We are always there with our client for prompt solutions as their satisfaction is the final moto of every employee at Siber Age Research.
Research Solutions


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Survey Programming

We have immense experience in survey programming. We have always given our customer high quality design and provide survey scripting for highest complex level.


We provide translation in multi-languages and have specialists who is a mother-tongue speaker of the language they’re translating into.

Data Processing

Our team has more than a decade of experience in managing market research data and survey analytics, specifically within data validation, data merging and conversion, weighting, coding of open end response and data tabulation.


We have a team of experts who can prepare the report in any format which are highly effective and insightful. The team can provide report in a wide range of standard market research output formats such as text, PDF, PPT and charts.

Secondary Research

We offer wide range of secondary research to our clients which includes market landscape and trends, competitive profiles and research resource books. We do in-depth assessment of market products, size, value audience and trends.

Research Solutions

We provide survey panel and research solutions to all our clients globally. We provide online and mobile panel and technology development worldwide with survey designing, translations, data processing, charting and info graphic services and more.

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