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Siber age Research being expertize in Market Research and related services we have also developed our in-house team of experienced developers. So we are now providing our clients various IT Services and develop solutions related to Market Research.

  • Panel Management Software
  • Market Research Project Management Tool
  • API Integration
  • CATI/Panel Database Management Application

Panel Management Software: Siber Age Research can help you develop your own Panel Management Software. You can create as many, as big, and even as complex panels as you would like to with your own software. We help you to run multiple panel and sub-panel effortlessly. Sub panels can have their own style, default language, and contact details assigned. You can contact your panelists in a personal, professional and consistent manner. We can also help you to integrate your panel database to a member site. Sampling process is enabled as we know that sampling is the avenue from which panels generate revenue.

Online Project Management Tool: Siber Age Research provides you a wide range of project management solutions. This software helps you to create and manage projects efficiently. It’s an online research application for managing, launching and monitoring all online projects. We can add partners in any projects where you need external samples and monitor them closely. We will provide you all the necessary features to manage online projects simultaneously. We can design the software as per your requirement and make it more user friendly.

API Integration (Access to Partner Panels): You have multiple clients and multiple vendors with different system, Siber Age Research can help you to integrate third party systems with your system using API integration. We have wide range of options available for API integration with your system or even to develop a new system based on third party API's. We provide break through collaboration for the niche Market Research products, which enhance the capability and productivity performances of our customers and Business Associates around the world, In specific functions critical to their success.

CATI/Panel Database Management Application: Siber Age Research Data Suite offers you a vast range of data collection methods, data processing and management solutions. Your data quality can be enriched with an integration of multiple data sources. You managed all your data in one system, and utilized it to deliver real-time market research insights. Learn how we can help your business grow!


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