Our Response to COVID-19

The Excelsior Research team is here to support you during these unprecedented times, assuring that you will not have to worry about your operations but focus on what matters most. We are doing all we can to ensure that our customers, partners, employees, families, and communities globally are being supported while the health and wellbeing of our employees remain the utmost priority. To keep our team and their families healthy and safe, we have implemented company-wide work from home measures. We are encouraging our associates to practice social distancing. We have implemented travel restrictions and rolled out collaboration platforms to keep your IT operations running seamlessly.

The Excelsior is committed to helping our customers navigate and manage this complex situation. To ensure your IT organization can stay focused during this heightened demand, we have identified easy to deploy, out-of-the-box use cases to help our customers mitigate any COVID-19 impact on IT operations. Among these are use cases for noise reduction, insights of your operations, and more access requests to ensure that manual intervention is reduced to as minimal as possible as Excelsior handles incidents autonomously.

The Excelsior’s capabilities support a wide array of critical IT operations not just during this COVID-19 outbreak, but for all our clients who need to keep their teams functional in or field of B2B Market Research. I’m incredibly proud of my team for keeping the operations running smoothly and enabling critical IT support during this heightened demand. You can continue to count on Excelsior being your partner in your market research journey. We are here for you. Stay safe.