5 Free online tools every B2B marketer should know about (+Bonus Tools)

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Did you know 62% of B2B marketer's says that they can make a business decision based on online content alone?

Most of the B2B marketer's face problems while creating marketing content for online platforms. Also it is difficult to gather useful insights of targeted audience and competitor's at free of cost. In this article we have listed 5 important free online tools, which are useful for every B2B marketer for creating and tracking the content efficiently.

1. Canva- Graphic design tool-

image editing tool

With the help of Canva you can create stunning graphical content for social media as well as for your blogs & websites. Canva includes hundreds of free Pre-Designed templates, stock images & graphics. Canva is easy to use with drag and drop, image upload, canva element features. Additionally now we can create animated social media content for Instagram stories, Facebook videos and other platforms.

2. Zoho Writer (with Zia)- Smart writing assistant-

online writing assistant

Do you face problems related to grammar while writing the blog posts, important content, e-mail's, etc? Then this is the best tool for helping you out of the embarrassment. Zoho writer comes with 'Zia' The smart writing assistant. It helps with spelling mistakes, grammar suggestions and much more. Zoho writer also bundled with hundred of different document templates for personal and official use.

3. Email Monster- E-mail template creator-

free email template

Email Monster helps to create e-mail templates without coding. With lots of free templates you can easily create engaging email for your e-mail marketing campaign's. You can download the template or directly use it with Mail Chimp.

4. Keyword-Hero- Keyword research tool-

keyword research tool

Keyword-Hero is an important tool to use with Google Analytics. Google Analytics shows the 'not provided' term under the organic search option. These 'not provided' keywords can be retrieved using Keyword-Hero. Integrating Keyword-Hero with analytics help's you to get the keywords which are driving traffic to your website.

5. Lumen5- Social media video creator-

video editing tool

Lumen5 is one of the best video creation tools for marketers. With a unique feature of turning article /blog post to engaging video it became the easiest platform for social media video creation. With less efforts on creating story-line and finding suitable media for video Lumen5 provides an excellent option for marketers to create professional videos. In addition it has 3000+ music tracks and media library for additional resources. In a free plan you can create 5 videos every month.

Bonus Tools-

Tools By Neil Patel- SEO tools

free seo tools provides the bunch of SEO tools. Which are useful for getting insights of competitor's website such as Keywords, Backlinks & more? With Site Audit you can get full analysis of your website or competitor's website as well. Ubersuggest tool can be used for getting keyword ideas for targeted audience. Backlinks tool can help you out to get the top Backlinks of competitor's website.

With the help of these free tools you can easily create, edit & spread content on different marketing platform's.