5 most important email marketing practices every B2B marketer should be aware of in 2020

Todays online marketing tactics are changed, everybody talks about effective tweets, viral videos and memorable meme’s but still email marketing is considered as best and powerful way to connect with targeted audience and generate leads.

Email marketing strategy from 2000s may not work in 2020 anymore, many emails sent to inboxes will be marked as a spam or forever left unopened.But as time has changed the email marketing trends also improved. For generating more leads you need to know what works and what does not.So here are 5 most important email marketing practices every B2B marketer should be aware of in 2020.

1. Do not Buy Email List, Build it-

Buying an email list is not an effective way for you to reach up to your targeted audience. Most of the time the purchased email list is fake or not contain desired clients. It may affect your email campaigns result. Building email list is best way to know your audience whether it includes potential clients or same interest peoples. Building email list may take time but gives more positive results. Organize some giveaways or provide freebies to users for building quick email list.

2. Make a Checklist-

Before sending an email, make a checklist to ensure that each element is on its correct place. Every email should include a subject line, image, text content and CTA. Read email multiple times for possible errors. Check for spelling mistakes. Check all the hyperlinks working correctly or not. Maintaining a separate check list for every email campaign is the best way to avoid silly mistakes.



3. Keep Unsubscribing Easy-

Makesure keeping unsubscribe steps as easy as possible helps you in filtering the email list. If someone does not want to read your emails or they think the content is unsuitable for them then let them unsubscribe,in fact make it easy for them. Use multiple choice questions for getting feedback from users while unsubscribing. It will be helpful for you to improve your email content.



4. Use Engaging CTA-

While writing email always make sure you add catchy CTA. Which helps you to grab attention of targeted audience. Give proper message through CTA to full fill your purpose like traffic to website, newsletter subscription, E-book download etc. Call To Action buttons should placed on right position & also in correct format. For getting idea put yourself in position of customer & try 2-3 combinations of CTA.



5. Keep Improving Your Campaigns-

Once you succeed in a first campaign, that does not mean that the same format will be successful in other campaigns as well. Always perform A/B testing for every campaign. Which will be helpful for you to know the behaviour of a targeted audience. By monitoring metrics and analytics you should always keep improving your campaigns. Change of CTA position, design, changing subject line, images & text format can help to improve results.

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