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Online Survey Programming

Excelsior Research PVT. LTD.has a highly skilled and experienced online survey programming team which has been servicing clients globally on various complex and multi-lingual survey programming assignments. Some of the salient features of our market research survey programming capabilities are

Type of studies covered –

1 . Complex Conjoint with multiple scenarios
2 . Max-Diff Exercise
3 . Card sort exercise
4 . Drag & drop exercise
5 . Media monitoring
6 . Shopping Cart and Online Simulators

Services provided –

1 . Scripting
2 . Flash Programming & Integration
3 . Questionnaire translations
4 . Online panel management
5 . Data Processing, Analysis & Tabulations
6 . Open End Coding

Our other offerings include

Business & Secondary Research:-

“We provide Secondary research services such as Database Creation & Validation, Competitive Intelligence Research, Literature Search & Synthesis, and Web Crawling. Our research staff is well trained on a large variety of business frame ”

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