Demand Genration

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Demand Generation

Buyers now have access to a platform of information through all the various digital channels and are better informed about possible solutions to meet their needs, who the possible solutions providers are, what 3rd party analysts think of solutions and companies, better access to case studies and reviews….all before you have a chance to engage with them.

Demand Generation integrates the inbound marketing and lead generation process with Lead Nurturing and produces a steady stream of qualified leads that are ready to engage with sales. The creation and sharing of content is the essential component that drives the whole demand generation process.

Underpinning the demand generation process is Lead scoring which measures a prospects behaviour (website visits, email clicks, signup forms, whitepaper downloads) and determines at what stage in the buying cycle each Lead is at. Lead scoring is essential to measure and optimise results over time and increase the quality of leads passed to sales.

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