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Appointment Setting

Buyers now have access to a platform of information through all the various digital channels and are better informed about possible solutions to meet their needs, who the possible solutions providers are, what 3rd party analysts think of solutions and companies, better access to case studies and reviews….all before you have a chance to engage with them.

Demand Generation integrates the inbound marketing and lead generation process with Lead Nurturing and produces a steady stream of qualified leads that are ready to engage with sales. The creation and sharing of content is the essential component that drives the whole demand generation process.

At Excelsior Research we specialise in generating high-quality B2B leads across the global. What does that actually mean for you? Well, having generated leads and then qualified them based on your criteria (such as location and turnover), we set appointments for your salespeople to go and close those deals.

But just because we’ve filled your sales people’s diaries with high-quality selling opportunities, doesn’t mean our job stops there. We will give you as much information and assistance as we can to make sure that your appointments turn into sales and revenue. It’s this level of dedication that sets us apart from other B2B appointment setting companies.

Benefits working with Excelsior

Appointment Assistance -Excelsior Research is unique within the telemarketing industry because we provide our clients with digital recordings of the calls we make and every appointment we generate. When our specialist telemarketers call prospects on behalf of your organisation, they capture huge amounts of data such as background information on the prospect’s company; personality and expectations of the decision-maker/s and how your organisation can best benefit the prospect. By listening to these recordings and discussing the calls with your Excelsior Account Manager, you can make sure your sales people are in the strongest possible position to make a sale when they attend the appointments.

Get the appointments YOU want -Nobody knows your product/service, industry and prospects better than you do. So, when it comes to your ideal prospects and ‘dream’ clients, we’ll take our lead from you. Just tell us about the businesses and decision-makers you’d like to get in front of and we’ll do the rest.

Target the right people at the right time -As an expert appointment setting company, we specialise in creating bespoke campaigns that get the results you’re looking for. With a combination of quality data sourcing, researching, prospect profiling and segmented messaging, we specifically target the right people at the right time with the right message. We consistently manage to secure appointments for many of our clients with their ‘ideal’ prospects, while focusing on their return on investment.

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